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About Us

The Centre-Alliance is an entity (institution) to nurture and reintegrate socially children affected by a rare disease. This center is a voluntary initiative undertaken in order to respond to a present need for the support and social reintegration of children affected by a rare disease and who require a specialized framework for their development in normal life. The ambition of the Centre-Alliance is precisely to help promote the value of human life tightly related to children affected by a rare disease. In participating in their own development social in different activities, grant them an essential basis of reading, writing, numbering or calculation, briefly all that which contributed to their autonomy (less dependent) despite being affected by a rare disease which may or not result in a disability.

300 million people

Over 300 million people living with one or more of over 6,000 identified rare diseases

World Population

Rare diseases currently affect 3.5% – 5.9% of the worldwide population.


70% of those genetic rare diseases start in childhood

Genetic Whilst

72% of rare diseases are genetic whilst others are the result of infections…
We’re helping hand on

promote the integration and social inclusion

Let us fight together according to the conditions of the environment and promote the integration and social inclusion of children affected by a rare disease.


5 specifics objectives that drive the center’s activities
The objective for the parents
We bring awareness to parents of children affected by a rare disease, sensitized on the characteristics of rare diseases and help them to accept wisely the condition of their children and this, by providing them with advice, recommendations and how to approach and behave with the child
The objective for the society
Identifying the existing structure which can help these children affected by a rare disease as well as the possibilities of creating other efficient necessary structures and Popularize rare diseases and its approach.
The primordial objective is for the children
We fight according to the environmental conditions in order to promote the smooth integration of children affected by a rare disease into society by particular support to learning (education / apprenticeship)
Appropriate Psychological Help
We provide appropriate psychological help and any forms of medical support (certain medical consultations, treatments and follow-up, etc.)
The Autonomous Child
Based on these two forms of intervention, knowing how to find the mechanisms to make the child autonomous, independent, and to take care of himself.

School life throughout the year

  • In order to explore the themes that will punctuate our year, we will regularly go out (museum, exhibitions, cinema) by public transport to develop children’s autonomy.
  • Participation in various events, ceremonies dedicated to noble causes.
  • An external life session at the center (school trip with several overnight stays) will be organized every 2 years.
  • A party will be organized once a year to share a festive and unifying time around our center and our values ​​and allow children to present their work in a friendly and original format.

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